In forming Joint Ventures, we look for partners that provide complementary skills and resources, where together the two halves create something greater than the sum of its parts.

We look for partners who bring access to new geographies, new opportunities and new capital partnerships.

We form long-term strategic partnerships with our joint venture partners with the aim of completing multiple transactions over time and in more than one geographic region.

Via the backgrounds of our senior management team, Caerus has completed investments in Western & Central Europe and Australia & New Zealand and via this platform, has the resources and the experience to expand its geographic focus to other markets.

In many instances, we aim to build portfolios with a critical mass sufficient to make them attractive to a broader purchaser/institutional investor base or the public markets, both of which provide multiple exit alternatives for liquidity and value creation.

Key features of our Joint Ventures

  • Access to transactions of a size and scale which may be beyond the equity capacity of an individual party. Decreased risk and exposure.
  • Greater potential for upside via the specialist expertise or value a Joint Venture partner may bring to the deal.
  • In development scenarios, can provide an institutional investor with a pipeline of assets which can be exclusively acquired on completion.
  • Conflict checks ensure that we don’t structure or manage any vehicles where the assets in those vehicles can be withheld to be in completion with other vehicles our group already manages.

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