Whilst small, we use our size as a commercial advantage. We are agile in our decision making, yet our procedures are of an institutional standard.

Through our broad relationships and industry expertise, we source exceptional on and off market investment opportunities across multiple geographies.

Our asset sourcing abilities and acquisition acumen helps to set us apart as we manufacture and unlock often difficult or inaccessible transactions to meet client requirements.

As co-investors in each of our managed funds, we are truly aligned with our clients and rely on our own resourcefulness to drive income and achieve relative out-performance.

Active asset management

Our belief is that the key to achieving outstanding stakeholder returns is active asset management. We maintain control and responsibility over these procedures by utilising extensive in-house resources and expertise. We are dedicated to tenant relationship management to ensure vacancy reduction and key tenant retention and use the latest asset management technologies to enhance and streamline our capabilities in this regard.

Deal sourcing & market access

The backgrounds of our senior management and industry relationships provide us with a competitive edge in deal sourcing and origination. Strong international networks also assist in our sourcing and structuring of new and different investment opportunities for our investors. We have an in-depth understanding of our target markets and have a unique understanding of today’s deal execution barriers.

Personalised stakeholder management

At Caerus, we never adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach, rather we ensure consistent, reliable and personalised stakeholder contact though the efficient use of technology, but also old fashioned relationships via best-in-class investor reporting and face to face communications.

Investment processes

Our capital markets experience and rigorous internal transactional procedures, provide the basis for a high level of deal doing sophistication to unlock more difficult acquisitions and enhance our success rate. We assemble best-in-class external advisors that work as one coordinated and efficient team and adhere to the foremost corporate governance guidelines to ensure appropriate chinese walls between mandates and adherence to a strict conflicts of interest and related party transactions policy.

Investment research

Sharing knowledge and insights to gain multiple perspectives, we ensure a diversity of thought in the way we assess investment opportunities. Additionally we consistently gather external research from leading international providers, which is then rigorously challenged and interpreted to add value to our investors’ portfolios.

Portfolio construction and packaging

The new generation of investment portfolios demand increasingly complex portfolio construction decisions. With this in mind, we use the latest in asset and fund management software to better access the impact of individual acquisitions on the portfolio level, using a wide range of investment inputs so as informed and reliable decisions can be made that best match the risk and return expectations of our investors.

Our team

Underpinning these capabilities are our people. We unite the best people, harnessing their collective knowledge and experience, and ensure that their interests are clearly aligned with those of our fund investors.

Our fund products

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