Our fund structuring abilities deliver our clients regulated, tax optimised vehicles which are subject to robust corporate governance frameworks.

Our fund structuring capabilities range from providing assistance in the selection of tax domicile and choice of fund structure, applying for requisite regulatory approvals, implementing corporate governance arrangements, devising and implementing financing strategy and the appointment of external administrative service providers such as custodian, depository agent, valuers and auditors.

Fund Establishment

New regulated fund vehicles can be quickly and cost efficiently established either as unregulated simple structures, or as AIFMD regulated fund vehicle established in any of the common EU jurisdictions such as Luxembourg or the Netherlands.

Corporate Governance

Via the previous experience of our senior management, we have a working knowledge of achieving UCITS approvals for European listed funds/REIT’s as well as applying for and maintaining Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) status for regulated unlisted funds in compliance with the Alternative Investment Fund Manager Directive (AIFMD).

Financing Strategy

We have the experience and capability to structure equity and debt financing across a number of European jurisdictions from traditional and non-traditional sources of funds.

External Service Providers

Best-in-class external administrative service providers can be reliably engaged based on our pre-existing relationships with numerous leading custodians, depository agents, valuers and auditors.


We utilise external market research to identify key metrics and influences essential to our investment analyses and which provide an early indication of market shifts.

Identifying turning points in market conditions before they happen, is key to our being ahead of our competition and structuring funds which solve a problem or fulfil a market gap. Accurate and timely analysis of such market research helps to ensure this.

In developing investment strategies for our clients’, we anlayse relevant data with input from our asset managers who are abreast of micro-market trends and pressures. Beyond the property-level we also consider often overlooked influences such as current and anticipated investor preferences relevant for assessing exit strategy, and the liquidity of specific assets.


Investment Management

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