Caerus has adopted a corporate governance framework which sets out the objectives and responsibilities for the proper operation of each of the group’s managed funds.

The Board of Directors appointed to each of our funds actively monitors and supervises its management and financial performance.

Due to the unique regulated structure of our fund platform, investor representatives are encouraged to be appointed to each fund board, together with mutually agreed independent non-executive directors.

As part of an effective organisational structure, to augment such boards, our group has established certain corporate governance committees.

In summary, the fund directors provide an additional layer of oversight to:

  • Monitor and review individual fund performance against the funds’ constitutions and stated investment objectives.
  • Approve major capital expenditure and significant transactions
  • Approve each fund’s annual financial report, audit, and quarterly shareholder updates
  • Oversee the operation of each fund’s internal compliance controls and risk management systems
  • Decide on matters relating to dividend distributions, permissible leverage, and redemptions
  • Convene shareholders’ meetings.

Risk management

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